The restaurant Montebuoni is a quiet corner on the hills around Florence that kidnapped some years ago Emilio Marchitti, consolidated chef with a career of over 35 years, almost all spent in Tuscany in the best hotels and restaurants in Florence and surroundings .

The creative cuisine of Emilio, a renovated room, amazing views of the valley of the Greve, a beautiful terrace overlooking the countryside of Florence where you can see the beautiful dome of Brunelleschi create a warm and charming where colors, flavors and aromas mingle ... between them in a special symphony.

The Tuscan kitchen has a solid basis on which a search for alternative ingredients linked to the tradition, perhaps even less used, new recipes and creative reinterpretations.

A varied menu next to the classic dishes can maintain the pleasure of choice. There are also proposals of the day ranging from meat to fish and products according to the season but above all, depending on the imagination of the chef.

The wine list features 150 labels from around regional, Italian and foreign companies selected with great passion by the operators.

The pleasant place, the roof terrace, ample parking and friendly staff make Montebuoni "not only" restaurant but a destination for those who want to spend some time with confidence and let go of taste stimuli.
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